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Albaraka Land Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Palestinian)

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Ingredients :

- Organic Extra virgin, cold-pressed and unrefined. "Organic Extra virgin" is the highest grade for olive oil. The oil is extracted by mechanical-pressed under the temperature less than 27 °C. It has 0.35% of free fatty acid (FFA) and exhibits superior taste, color and aroma  
- Produced with freshly picked high quality of organic olives and freshly pressed oil without the use of excessive heat     resulted in a pretty low "acidity", which is well under 0.5% FFA 
- 100% Organic  
-  100% Natural & Pure 
- No added preservatives.


- Loaded with powerful antioxidants which helps in lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), 
-Control  blood pressure 
- Lowering the risk of coronary heart disease 
- Strong anti-inflammatory properties, these include oleic acid as well as the antioxidant oleocanthal 
- Organic Extra virgin olive oil protects against cognitive decline and learning ability, which may help to fight Alzheimer’s Disease.


* Direct consumption 
* Daily 2 spoons.  

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