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Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed (Saudi)

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Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed is unique because it is not mixed with black seed oils or black seed powder. It is produced by bees that are fed on the nectar of the black seed plants.  


1- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed lowers high blood pressure

2- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed helps in regulating blood sugars in type 2 diabetes patients.

3- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed helps to boost the metabolism in the body keeping liver fat free and healthy.

4- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed helps to boost memory and protect against brain diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

5- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed treats Asthma and cough.

6- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed reduces Cancer Risk.

7- Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed helps reduce joint inflammation.


It is advisable to take a teaspoon of Alwiqaia Honey Flower Blackseed:

First spoon: in the morning on an empty stomach.

Second spoon: three hours after lunch.

You can mix with warm water which is recommended for you because it is the easiest way to take honey and it allows easier ingestion  

Notes : Keep in cool and dry places and dont put in direct sun light and up to 40deg C.

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