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Yemeni Pure Royal VIP Dawani Sidir Honey

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Yemeni Royal Dawani Sidr Honey from Wadi Dawan in Hadhramaut, Yemen. It is the finest types of Sidr honey in the world. It is characterized by its natural color and charming taste. Its taste is distinctive, and it is almost one of the most delicious types of honey in the world. It is rich in sidr nectar, as the bee feeds on the flowers of the sidr tree. Its texture is heavy because the moisture content is 16%, in addition to containing many health properties and antioxidants, Therefore, it is used as a treatment which made Yemeni honey one of the most famous types of honey historically. 

This honey is the first of its kind, bringing all the nutrients that will boost your strength and keep you healthy. 


1- High in antioxidants, which reduces the possibility of cancer.

2- Antioxidants strengthen the skin and delay wrinkles.

3- It reduces harmful cholesterol and increases hemoglobin levels in the blood, which increases heart efficiency.

4- It is very beneficial for the eyes and eyesight.

5- Beneficial for the digestive system against ulcers and indigestion.

6- It increases immunity, especially against colds and influenza.

7- It strengthens memory, which makes it a special food for school students and the elderly.

8- An effective fight against insomnia, especially when taken with dinner.

9- Develops body strength and raises physical energy levels.


It is advisable to take a teaspoon of Yemeni Royal Dawani Sidr Honey:

First spoon: in the morning on an empty stomach.

Second spoon: three hours after lunch.

You can mix with warm water which is recommended for you because it is the easiest way to take honey and it allows easier ingestion  

Notes : Keep in cool and dry places and dont put in direct sun light and up to 40deg C.

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